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6 Week Class on Academic Writing for Clarity and Grace: Syllabus, Readings, Slides, and Text for Editing

Here are the complete materials for my 6-week class on academic writing (syllabus, readings, slides, texts for editing). It’s aimed at graduate and undergraduate students who want to work on their writing.  Ideally you can take the class with a group of peers, where you give each other feedback on your own writing projects in progress.  But you can also take the class by yourself.

Here is a link to the full set of course materials.


  1. Hi I have great interest for this class. But I am not sure the form of this class. Will you teach students via the internet or just students learn by ourselves?

    Thx very much


    1. Sorry for being so slow in responding. I didn’t know until now how to find comments. The course is designed to be self-guided. I won’t be teaching it live online.


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